How does sperm DNA damage cause infertility?

Sperm DNA damage is increasingly viewed as a key factor for infertility and failed pregnancies. Two different types of DNA damage exist: single-strand and double-strand DNA breaks – each with a distinct impact on fertility. Single-strand DNA breaks are typically so extensive, that they impair correct conception. In contrast, double-strand DNA breaks do not impede fertilization but cause problems later on, such as increased risk of miscarriage.


What is CometFertility™?

CometFertility™ is the currently the only technique capable of identifying single-strand and double-strand DNA breaks inside sperm cells. This highly accurate and sensitive method is applied to generate a risk profile for each patient, and to offer personalized guidance towards optimal fertility treatments. This service is exclusively offered by Cimab not only to patients, but also to medical centers and semen banks.

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